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Supported Software

The Problem

Every web host strives for 99.999% uptime. Every host wants their servers to be available every minute of every day. Unfortunately traditional backups (control panel backups, rsync, and manual processes) can cause the system to be very slow, and in the worst case, unavailable to the end user.

Traditional Backup Types

  • Control Panel Backups - Excellent at providing a file-level backup Very resource intensive, very cumbersome.
    (Web Hosts use this method because it is a function available in their control panel software. Unfortunately performing daily backups is often too time consuming and forces most hosts to perform only weekly backups.)
  • RSYNC - Excellent at replicating data - Very slow at synchronizing large amounts of files
    (Web Hosts often have servers with very very large file counts. Synchronization can take hours upon hours)
  • Manual Processes - Very secure if configured properly, Manual methods are also very resource-intensive.
    (Any traditional manual methods most likely involve archiving and compressing the data on the machine from which the data is coming. This uses valuable resources and can cause site slowness for the end user)

Our Solution

Our solution will perform backups with no system interruption. That's correct. NO system interruption. utilizes widely-popular R1Soft backup software which allows for incremental backups 5 to 10 minutes apart. Because our backups happen at the block level, file count is never an issue. No heavy processing is performed on the server. The backup software uses ~6MB memory per 100GB of data it monitors. More information on how the software works can be found on the "How it Works" page. Our software is secure and offers end-to-end strong encryption as well as strong encryption on the disk safe. Please see our pricing page for our competitive pricing structure.

Main Features

  • Bare-Metal Restore
  • File-Level Restore
  • Virtual Full Backup Technology
  • Easy-to-use Web-based User Interface
  • End-to-End Strong Encryption
  • Supports Major Control Panel Solutions
  • Supports Virtualization Technologies
  • Resource Friendly
  • Ganular Table-Level MySQL Restores
  • MySQL Backups in Seconds
Recovery Points
Restore Files

Read more about our solution on the How it Works page.